Communication with parents has enhanced due to digital technology

Digital technology is a
very useful tool for teachers because it allows them to work well with parents.
I suggest few ways to use digital to communicate better with parents in a
constructive way.

the bridge of communication with the help of email

I give my email every
year at the beginning of the first term at the teacher meeting, whether or not
I am a principal teacher. I encourage each parent to send me an email if
needed. This is always going very well and it builds a relationship of trust between
you and your parents. Contrary to popular belief, I do not get 10 emails a day
from parents. Tip, you can create a specific email, especially if your personal
email starts with louloulesyeuxbleusdu86. To know more about digital communication, seek help online. 


I use emails to
personalize my communication with each family by sending useful information for
children. In the final year, I can recommend, for example, to go to a salon for
targeted orientation on the student’s orientation project.

show what we do

Digital technology also
helps parents explain what they are doing in class and highlight work done
outside the classroom. One can thus share on a blog of his establishment the
work of the students made in clubs, during language exchanges or at home. It
shows that work is now as important outside of class as during class time. We
also teach each student to share what he does.

connect to social networks even if we are very afraid

Social networks can
also be used to communicate with parents. I use Instagram and Linkedin to give
personalized advice to parents. Some contact me to ask me questions on specific
points related to the personality of their child, his education project or a
communication problem to manage. The message function of its social networks is
very convenient.

parent teacher meetings at a distance

I also use
communication services like Skype, FaceTime or Google Hangout to make
appointments to parents. It is very convenient and you can choose more
convenient schedules for each parent.

explain our approach and we are better understood

Digital technology can
help you explain your pedagogical approach during class your blog, your
Facebook page or your Linkedin profile will be read by the parents.

digital, it helps to guide parents and children

I also use the Internet
to help parents better prepare their child’s guidance. I advise them with
useful links and I put their child in contact with professionals in the field
that interests them. Internet makes communicating easier.

parents to help

The Internet also
provides parents with educational innovations that are globally successful,
such as Khan Academy in the field of mathematics. We can help each parent find
a solution for their child to progress during his schooling.

3 Common Areas to Apply 3D Modeling Found on 3D Artist Websites

You know 3d models are commonly used in video games and animation, but are there any other fields? Today we’ll show you what we’ve found on 3d artist websites.

3 Common Areas to Apply 3D Modeling Found on 3D Artist Websites

3d printers, modeling, and wallpaper – everything is 3d now. You’ve probably seen cartoons, movies and games with 3d effects. But are there any other areas for 3d modeling services usage?

Area №1 – Building and architecture

Rough drafts and their descriptions are left in the past, now every modern architect or builder uses 3d modeling software. It helps not only with a better presenting for employers, but makes every other step of realization easier. If you look at the models created by 3dreach, everything will be clear.

3 reasons why 3d modeling is so popular among architects

  1. A project can be changed for an unlimited number of times. When one changes a little detail, there’s no need for remodeling the whole concept.
  2. Engineers can place a future building in the real environment and estimate whether it’s suitable. Just look at the examples on 3dreach site.
  3. A ready-made 3d project is used by every specialist working with a building. Being created once, it’s used a lot of times.

So, having such a functional prototype model improves the working process greatly.

Area №2 – Science

It’s not a secret that we’ve lost a lot of valuable objects telling us about the past. Buildings and temples are ruined, everyday objects are broken into pieces – that’s why historians and archeologists work with 3d visualization artists to reconstruct the past.Also, 3d technologies help to analyze a territory and predict future natural disasters. Any science can use 3d models at least for educational purposes or to show the results of researches.

Area №3 – Technical equipment

To visualize vehicles, machines and other devices 3d modeling is commonly used. On 3d artist websitesyou can find that such technologies help in presenting the practical application of new vehicle models and technical equipment.

3 reasons why 3d modeling is so useful

  1. Usually, new transport brings new problems to be solved. On 3d artist websites it’s said that a new transport should be suitable for roads and conditions which already exist or provide new technologies to change the situation with minimum expenses. 3d modeling copes with this task.
  2. 3d models of vehicles like 3dreach doesshow all the pros and cons of the construction with regard to the present conditions.
  3. It’s the same as for architects – little changes don’t damage the whole project and can be made for an unlimited number of times.


So, 3d models are everywhere now. Don’t waste your time and start using these technologies in your field.

10 most popular virtual reality game in Melbourne 2019

Every year more and more fans and fans of virtual reality games use the Steam platform to buy, download and launch VR games. In 201, Steam decided to analyze the statistics of their users’ purchases and compiled the volume of the most popular and sold VR games.

This rating will help you make the right choice, especially if you are a beginner and are just starting to understand the incredibly interesting world of virtual reality. Moreover, these projects are not always cheap and you can easily lose a few hundred dollars if you buy something else.

It is not known exactly how many times each VR game was downloaded, but you can make a rough idea of ​​the popularity. It is also worth considering that a number of Valve games were distributed free of charge to the owners of the HTC Vive helmet, so their popularity is partly due to their free time.

10 most popular virtual reality game in Melbourne:

  • Beat Saber (2018)
  • Budget Cuts (2018)
  • Fallout 4 VR (2017)
  • Superhot VR (2017)
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim VR (2018)
  • Walk the plank (2016)
  • Sairento VR (2018)
  • Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope (2017)
  • Space Pirate Trainer (2017)
  • Sprint Vector (2018)

VR games and other technology are likely to undergo precisely the trend. Firms throughout the instruction, agriculture, tourism, banking, and healthcare businesses are aware of the potential return on investment given by virtual reality technology, and also the challenge might be the access to quality and professional developers.

New standalone headphones will be found on the market and customers will likely ditch their headset to the headsets which are new.

Tips for Digital Marketing of Small Business

If you are looking for digital
marketing tips for small businesses, it is probably because you realized that
the internet is a sea of ​​opportunities
for any entrepreneur. Get in touch with best internet marketing
in Singapore
for further details.

It does not matter if you have
a bakery or a supermarket: online strategies can certainly greatly increase the
results of your business. Contact good at ecommerce website design to
expand your business.

In the next few lines we’ll
talk a little about some cheap and powerful strategies that can be implemented
this week by you.

Digital Marketing Tips for
Small Businesses

Create relevant content

You may have never attempted
this, but the internet is content driven.

If there were no people and
companies willing to create quality content, what would lead us to spend hours
searching on Google or rolling Facebook’s timeline?

When I speak of content, I am
not referring only to texts. Content can also be a video, a podcast, a meme, a
comic strip, and so on.

When you create quality
content that interests your audience, it automatically increases the engagement
of your business. You are no longer that brand that only wants to sell the
whole time. You are there to help people.

Okay, but create content about

This is a classic question.
The answer, in fact, is quite simple: create content about the doubts and pains
of your customers.

What are the questions you get
most from consumers? Make a list and start writing (or pay someone to do this).

Be where your audience is

Want to use the internet to
attract more customers? Then know exactly where those customers are.

If your audience is not a fan
of videos, why would you invest time and resources by posting dozens of videos
on Youtube?

If your customers are not on
Instagram, why do you want to have an account there?

It seems trivial, but
unfortunately many entrepreneurs still err on the matter. There is no
“best social network”, there are social networks where your client is
and those where he is not.

Think about it to make your
strategies much more efficient and profitable.

Make Ads

Did you know that it is now
possible to use Facebook to make super-targeted ads?

With less than 10 dollars per
day you can advertise for people according to:

  • Age
  • Genre
  • Region (Country / State / City / District)
  • Specific interests
  • Behavior

If you have a women’s fashion store
in downtown São Paulo, for example, it does not make sense to spend money
advertising to men who live in Rio de Janeiro.

Unfortunately, these are often
the results that traditional advertising made on radio, TV and newspaper gives

All about Cloud Computing Services

The popularization of cloud
hosting (also called Cloud Computing) has brought a new public profile to the
system. If at first only large corporations adhere to the data storage system
in a 100% virtual environment, now the space is opening up for people who do
not have so many resources but want a quality service. The very slump in cloud
computing prices has also opened up space for newcomers. Contact best cloud solutions company in Singapore for
more information.

Cloud Computing

If you fit the profile of
anyone who wants quality, but does not have the money of a gigantic corporation
to invest in the cloud, there is an option: to use a shared hosting in the
Cloud Computing system. Yes, the shared hosting system in the cloud will ensure
a higher quality than the traditional shared hosting system and will not have
costs as high as the private services in the cloud. See the advantages of Cloud
for the traditional:

Uptime: For
those who do not know, Uptime is the time available that the hosting will leave
a website in the air. When we talk about traditional shared hosting, the best
companies offer 99% of available time (you can check in the ranking of web
hosting). We are talking about the BEST OF HYPOTHESES. Usually companies do not
have as much availability. In the cloud, Uptime can be 100%.

Scalability: Just
to inform: Scalability is the ability for a system to be up and running when
the level of demand (either by peak visits or another factor that can modify
the performance of the site) without presenting problems of the public. Usually
in shared hosting problems occur with whoever presents these peaks. In cloud
hosting (even shared) there are no such problems on your site.

Performance: The
performance of a site hosted in the cloud is much higher than that of a page
that is on a server. For those who like quality and loading speed, it’s
perfect. In addition, the products currently created for hosting sites are
already focusing on Cloud Computing.

Not Everything is Flowers

So are you ready to throw away
your shared hosting plan to join the cloud? So you can calm down there. If on
the one hand the Cloud Computing system presents great advantages over the
traditional system, on the other hand there are some questions and adjustments
to be made in the system. The main point of contention is still security, which
has much to evolve. Also, prepare the pocketbook: shared hosting in the cloud
will be much more costly than the traditional hosting. After all, quality
requires higher price.